Archival Printmakers Association was founded by industry leaders, to promote awareness of true Archival printmakers.

As the canvas market becomes more and more competitive, we noticed more and more print studios and labs describing their prints using words like “archival” and “museum grade”.  The problem is that we knew full well that many of these printers were not using canvas which was tested and proven to live up to these claims.  We have seen this fact become more and more relevant as time has passed.


So we’ve decided to take action and combat these inaccurate claims of print archivability.

The APA intends to help correct this misinformation by setting a new standard.  The APA’s Certified Archival seal will serve as a benchmark that professional photographers, artists, and consumers alike will look for when deciding where to purchase prints.

Why It Matters

The consumer deserves to be able to choose their print partner based on accurate information.

Those printers who choose to offer only the best quality deserve to be differentiated from other who are doing quite the opposite. You know the ones. They use the lowest-cost materials they can get, in order to save a few dollars, often at the expense of quality and ultimately of the customer purchasing the print.

In addition to creating consumer awareness and highlighting this key difference in canvas materials, weeding out inaccurate claims like this will help keep prices and quality high as a whole across our industry.

How to Use It

Setting the standard for archival print media
Becoming APA certified shows that you hold quality in the highest regard.

Here are a few ways that APA certification will help you leverage your products and set your business apart from your competitors.


Feature the APA’s Certified Archival Seal on your website, Ideally on the canvas buy page.


We offer a few sizes of certificate templates you can use combined with your logo to send with every archival print.


Implement our brief descriptions of why it is important. You can use in a variety of ways, such as rollover text for your website, display in-store, marketing material and more.


Once a certified member, APA can help connect you with discounts and new product offerings through approved media vendors.

Join the APA

Best Quality . Highest Standards . Proven Archival
The Archival Printmakers Association (APA) stands to serve as a beacon of quality and longevity to those buyers in search of long-lasting prints.

If you are a photo lab, print studio, or printmaker otherwise and want to take part in elevating the quality standards in our industry, as well as introducing accountability behind common claims of “archival” and “museum grade”, then please fill out the application form to join the APA.